How to buy good quality Sanitary Ware in Nigeria

Buying a good quality Sanitary Ware in Nigeria may seem like a very daunting task, but it is not. Having enough information and doing your research will help you make the right decision. A Sanitary Ware refers to a complete set or a single item of Wash basin, Pedestal, Water Tank, Water Closet and bath tub mainly used in the bathroom. In the Sanitary Wares market in Nigeria, there exist a myriad of options which can lead to “too many choices paralysis” and confusion of which brand to choose, which is better, which is economical and so on. What is most important is “never judge a book by its cover”, because some of these products in the market are very attractive in appearance but have zero functionality, note that a good Sanitary Ware should last for 5 years at least.

If you have just finished your housing project and need to fix Sanitary Wares, buying a high quality Sanitary Ware is a good investment that will save you money in future. Here are 3 major things to consider when buying Sanitary Ware in Nigeria;

The Company name and its history: This is a very important factor when considering a Sanitary Ware. Choose a company with an established history and reputation. For example companies such as Twford, Roca, Kohler, Ideal Standard, Duravite and CDK – a leading brand in Nigeria, are a few companies to consider. They are industry experts with a long history and reputation in manufacturing the highest quality products. However, take caution; as with every good product, there would be an imitation. This is why it is crucial to buy from trusted dealers and distributors of these products to avoid buying an imitation.

Quality Assurance: A reputable company must have the relevant quality accreditation such as the ISO 9001. Quality also can be can be grouped in terms of cosmetics and functionality. The Cosmetics of the Sanitary Ware starts with the design, it should have a smooth surface, flatness, no deformations and a near perfect finishing. So that if you look closely, there are no chips, no dark spots, no colour discoloration and discrepancy, the colour is very bright and consistent, and the glaze finishing is thick enough to avoid crazing in future. The Functionality of the Sanitary Ware includes; i) the dimensions; does the size fit your space, ii) the mechanisms; is the flush mechanism rust proof and efficient, iii) Seat Cover; what material is the seat cover? is it made of a thermoset plastic material which is a high quality material that makes the seat cover unscratchable, very easy to clean and even after years looks the same like the first day. iv) water absorption ratio should not be more than 0.5mm; although this is not visible to the naked eyes, this means that the item is less porous to water, germs and chemical.

After Sale service/ Guarantee:  This is also very important. You want to buy a product from a reputable company that offers a full guarantee of its products and also after Sales service in case of manufacturing defects or malfunction. An after Sales service will enable the customer return the product and a replacement is provided for free on the basis of EX factory.

In essence, buy a Sanitary Ware from a trusted and reputable brand, a company that will not compromise on quality. A company that offers a guarantee and after sales service; buy CDK Sanitary Wares. CDK offers the highest quality in the market. They are made to last and are very modern to create an ideal bathroom. CDK line of Sanitary Ware collection are intentionally created to satisfy its customer in terms of its unique appearance and optimal functionality. CDK’s team of industry experts is led by Dr. Khater Massaad who is a pioneer in the global ceramics industry. With more than 25years expertise, and his active contribution to the construction of over 50 factories across the world, CDK factory in Nigeria is designed to meet the demand for reliable, sustainable and premium quality Sanitary Ware.